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Carpe Diem

Signature coaching model offering 7-minute bite-sized weekday coaching by telephone. Usually before 9am. Live on line screen shared tracking. Three daily goals platform. Optional metrics.

Rich Media

Growing business media library. Special podcasts by well known speakers. Audio ‘rapides’. YouTube Theatre. Your media uploads for special projects. PDF collection for any industry.

Leadership Overview

Optional access to same coaching screens for a specific coachee or selected group allowing transparent return on investment to the business.

World Class Platform

Coachtrak has been already been used by some of the world’s largest international brands, as well as SMEs, CEOs and individuals in over 26 countries since 2007.

24/7 Facility

Coachees may access the ‘System Coach’ allowing coaching interventions 24-7. Coaching conversations can be deleted, stored or forwarded.

Coachtrak is Dynamic

Our dynamic coaching platform may be used by any coach using any model, style or process anywhere in the world. The coaching may be given by an external provider or in-house manager/trainer. We can coach and provide Coachtrak in several languages.

Creating Solutions for Perfomance

Coachtrak may used for project leadership, post-training follow up, business coaching, team development, one to one, personal development and performance management.

The Professional's Choice

Our platform has been highly rated by professional coaches who want to offer a more comprehensive and results focused system for their own client companies and individual coachees.

About Us

Coachtrak started its life as Carpe Diem with small leadership projects for key individuals in a small group of test companies that included Energizer, Dairycrest, Shell and Nokia. It was based on an earlier telephone coaching model successfully deployed with companies like Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg’s and Taylor Nelson Sofres in the year 2000.

The first on-line program was created on an Excel spreadsheet which purely tracked the results of goals from coachees. Soon this was expanded to offer managers end of week and end of month reporting. It was the first formal technological integration of the Carpe Diem Model.

Seizing the business day…

Carpe Diem is a term that many coaching companies have been inspired by, largely from the movie Dead Poet’s Society starring the late great Robin Williams.

Carpe Diem is Latin for Seize the Day and in our interpretation of this coachees were asked for their top 3 goals in order to ‘squeeze the juice’ out of each and every business day. Just imagine how this pans out. That’s 15 goals/key tasks focused on in a week and 60 a month.

In our own research over the years we discovered that very few senior managers and business leaders set themselves daily goals. In fact they appear to work in the business operationally trying to keep up rather than on the business strategically by taking control of their own path to greater successes. Carpe Diem became a great solution.

Hollywood versus Reality

The magic of this clip is getting young people at this school to realise that although they feel invincible at their tender ages, time flies and unless they seize the opportunities that life presents, there’s a real danger of missing the boat on so many things.

The over all feeling from most senior directors, managers and leaders in businesses is the lack of time, the piling on of tasks, the guilt of non completion yet the fear of taking time to re-address the work life balance. One of the common goals in Carpe Diem coaching is working on both business goals as well as
important personal ones at the same time.

Companies the world over spend inordinate sums of money on training and development. Most large organisations have HR and L&D departments with large budgets. Training programmes are rolled out to scores if not thousands of employees each year and the danger is a tick box exercise where the reality equates to no sustainable learning despite large investment.

Does training and coaching actually work?

Training is often a quick fix sticking plaster solution and coaching a tick box performance exercise on a list of management requirements.

The Holy Grail called Sustainability

If you look at any proposal for training the space set aside in the document for sustainability says a great deal about the potential efficacy of what’s being offered. Many documents leave it out completely and the assumption is that the training or coaching on its own is sufficient; that the result would be a transformation for every delegate and the further assumption that change will be permanent.

The other challenge is the how part of any sustainability solution. For example the training provider suggests that a follow up day would be sufficient. This is indeed better than nothing, but an extension of the original workshop on a group basis can mean some people ‘hide’ themselves within a group or team. This is where Coachtrak has made such an extraordinary difference. The One to One nature of this system that can be 7 minutes each business day (or any length of time), achieves a simple yet highly effective outcome. I creates a set of new habits. This is also about embedding new behaviours, dealing with on going mental barriers and giving each person individual attention. It’s the difference between going to a gym and having a personal trainer.

Sustainability is the Cornerstone

Whether as a result of a workshop, training programme or an executive coaching package, the catalyst that provides a future landscape of results is to be able to sustain them.

Building an intervention solution to learning, development and transformation on a foundation of sustainability using Coachtrak is a much more robust way to guarantee desired results.

Making Personal Development Popular

From inside every business the need for personal development is often a necessary requirement rather than something that the people in the business seek out for themselves. It’s curious how the entrepreneur or self-employed individual has a different take on personal development and will not just seek out personal development but also br prepared to pay considerable sums to acquire more of it. With this in mind, Coachtrak has been designed to get the coachee more involved and inspired in their personal development. Tools like Youtube Theatre and 24-7 help with this. The former is a large collection of motivating and knowledge based clips that may be accessed by the coachee and the latter is a system based automated coaching mechanism.

The Success Myth

It’s been well understood by coaches over the past thirty years that success is not a condition that someone suddenly acquires or wakes up with one morning, but a step by step destination that may be arrived at with regular support through small goals.

Whether using the Coachtrak platform or also implementing the Carpe Diem Coaching model, success becomes more self evident from a new habit of setting out to achieve meaningful mini-milestones.

One of the over riding pieces of feedback by coaches using our platform is the feeling of growing confidence through a new habit of weekly if not daily achievement.

The top feedback from companies who engage Coachtrak as a success tool is the fact that for the first time they can equate coaching with a return on investment. So – behaviours with attitude, attitude with action and action with results.

Fast moving coaching techniques

In every industry there are those who can help others do things in a more effective way through experience and knowledge. Sometimes these tools can be generic and useful to anyone in any business. Some examples are time tools, communication tips, presentation skills and sales techniques through word power.

The big difference between Coachtrak and other coaching platforms is in-built content that can be seen, listened to and read in a speedy way with maximum impact to the coachee. The video illustrates a technique that was ‘given’ to the user by demonstration, training and practice.

How Media can Coach and Inspire

This clip from Youtube Theatre from business speaker Peter Bregman who is also a TEDx speaker.

He shares a typical Coachtrak ‘nugget’ that anyone can use. It’s called the run-walk method that he first discovered relating to jogging then realised it could be adapted in a business performance concept.

There are two forms of coaching going on when you deploy Coachtrak. There’s the coachee learning from the coach and the potentially the coach learning from loaded Coachtrak content. The platform’s been designed and content loaded by experienced coaches with decades of experience. Too often coaching platforms are created by those without a coaching background.

Here’s a clip made for Coachtrak in the streets of Birmingham. Yet again it explores a very simple tool that can be used for creating rapport as well as selling more effectively. The tool is called Match Plus One.

Notice how fast the training takes place which is why a 7 minute coaching bite can make such a difference through Carpe Diem.

Coaching Effectiveness

Carpe Diem is not the same as coaching model like GROW. Where the former is a system of delivery it’s not a process like the latter which is a set of steps that a coach may wish to use. This means any coach can use Coachtrak with whatever mechanism they wish to use. Carpe Diem may be switched on or remain hidden when setting up a coaching account.

If you are using Coachtrak as a business it might be that you do want the GROW model accessible to internal coaches in the form of media or a simple document to be accessed.

Coaching Simplicity

The primary focus of any coaching platform should be the attainment of results first and the coaching mechanism second.

Coachtrak is not about using a system which by its very nature is complex and confusing. It’s about creating simplicity in intuitive options that make it easy to coach, record notes, reference previous sessions and make it a breeze for coaches to get commitment in order for the coachee to achieve more results.

The 5 Top Reasons Why Coaches and Businesses Choose Coachtrak

Coachtrak has been designed based on 25 years of hands on telephone and remote coaching experience and is a Great Coaching Tool. The good news is that it can also be used in a face to face session where Coaching Can be Tracked. Tracking means a coach or business can effectively monitor and show a return on investment transparently, yet know that controls still exist to ensure coachees still have confidentiality where needed.

Very often coaching sessions required note taking which can be distracting. Coachtrak allows brevity in note taking because of its many features and Goal Tracking system – Carpe Diem. This also means that Everything Is In One Place and so both coach and coachee are organised and have clarity about what they are doing and committing to achieve after the coaching contact. Because it’s an effective platform and solid foundation base to all coaching, Coachtrak creates buy-in from both coach and coachee on every assignment. In short: It Really Works. Results achieved mean better performance and this in turn means a more profitable business.

The Difference

The only way to get to use Coachtrak under licence is by getting in touch with us initially. You may be a business user, manager, professional coach or trainer. It’s not a web app that you can simply sign up for. This is because we wish to maintain the quality of our platform that’s taken years to perfect with constant updates, improvements and new ideas which are on going. You will also probably be pleasantly surprised by how low the first level entry point is that we offer new users. We can also offer coaching from our in house team of multi-lingual coaches.

For the Coachee

The only way to get to use Coachtrak under licence is by getting in touch with us initially. You may be a business user, manager, professional coach or trainer. It’s not a web app that you can simply sign up for. This is because we wish to maintain the quality of our platform that’s taken years to perfect with constant updates, improvements and new ideas which are on going. You will also probably be pleasantly surprised by how low the first level entry point is that we offer new users. We can also offer coaching from our in house team of multi-lingual coaches.

For the Coach

We will offer training if required either on-line, over the phone or live. If you want to give your coaching practice a real lift and offer a system that captures the hearts and minds of your existing as well as new clients, Coachtrak is likely to impress and delight. It’s also a great reason to contact old clients who felt they had come to the end of what you were previously offering. It also makes coaching internationally so much easier and effective.

For the Business

Coachtrak is a system that can be used by one or ten thousand coaches either through external coaches or internal managers. Companies like Vodafone, Currys, PC World and Everest have effectively used Coachtrak for teams across the UK where trackable results can offer strategic insights.

Small to medium size business can also benefit and the actual investment per coachee for a coaching account on the system is relatively modest. The business would have to also take into account the fee for any external coach, and the amount depends upon the coach you are using and their proposal. For internal use the amount required is purely the coachee’s account per month.

Quality Home Produced Media

Every coach, trainer, manager or registered user to user of Coachtrak is able to access quality media and also send access links to coachees as part of daily, weekly or monthly reports.

If You Coach…


Have all your coaching notes and records in one place.

Whether you’re a manager or professional coach it’s great to be organised and have all the information you need at your finger tips. the other thing that managers and coaches rarely have to look at are hard metrics by month, week and day on every individual being coached. Coachtrak can support you here.

Time manage your coaching sessions to the second.

The timer is central to the coaching page for both coach and coachee fully taking into account of time differences in the world. It also allows you to time a 7, 16 or 20 minute call slot (longer if you go for re-set), with light background music to remind you the call has 60 seconds left.
It’s so easy to over run a coaching call and this feature saves your potential embarrassment every time.

Offer more attractive coaching with a system that can automatically prompt, remind and inspire your coachees when you’re not around.

Whether you’re a manager or professional coach it’s great to be organised and have all the information you need at your finger tips. the other thing that managers and coaches rarely have to look at are hard metrics by month, week and day on every individual being coached. Coachtrak can support you here.

Realise and discover trends.

Optional metrics can significantly make any project more successful but discovering and monitoring trends with coaching a group or team. This enhances your ability as a coach in affecting the right desired final outcome more successfully.

Coachtrak Statistics

Platform Launched

Senior Managers Coached

7-Minute calls delivered

Top goals achieved

Client Testimonials

Coachtrak used as the sole coaching tool for a leadership team needing new levels of sales performance and development by UK based coach/manager Richard Davies. This made coaching an American Team from the UK simple.

Shell US Project

Myles Downey

Used by L’Oreal again and again for post workshop sustainability and growth over several countries at the same time with measurable uplift in results. Here Coachtrak was used by KGS partners a successful and experienced business transformation coaching consultancy.


“We used the Coachtrak System and liked the measurable results produced by the team on any key project. It was so good we deployed it again and again”. Thomas Delabriere

Marketing Director , Innocent Drinks

Successful project for 30 senior managers post strategic change workshop.


Coachtrak used by senior manager Boyd Glover after a major leadership performance transformation roll out creating sustainability.

Currys & PC World

Some of the Tools We Use…



MindChangers was term first devised by Glen McCoy in 1985 and has been used as a group of tools to coach thousands of people all over the world since. There are 6 basic MindChangers though in reality scores of different one that anyone can use. Most originate from the world of sports and are mindset re-alignment techniques that can create instant results when needed.

The Greenberg Question

Originating from David Greenberg, a successful people manager in Financial Services in the 70s and 80s, his simple question when used in sales and negotiation can make a massive positive difference to the user’s desired outcome.

Tony Buzan's Mindmaps

Tony Buzan created mind mapping and the Mindmap first aired on TV in 1974. It has to be one of the most intuitive ways to present and record information for students as well as the myriad business applications. Interesting how children can do them with easy yet adults find it initially easier to simple write linear notes. Yet with practice people always wonder why they didn’t always use this very useful tool.

Effective Voicemail

Today less people seem to want to leave a Voicemail message or indeed have a personal greeting recorded. Fine. But if you are in Sales you could be shooting yourself in the foot.

Bernice McCarthy’s 4MAT

Whether you use this as a Sales or Presenting Model, such a simple idea still remains new to the majority of business leaders and managers.

Parkinson’s Time Law

Almost as old as time itself, this simple and totally effective time tool can instantly save valuable time and make the user infinitely more productive the first time it’s ever used.

Advantages of Coachtrak

The following is what places Coachtrak above the competition…


coaching system focused on achieving results


easy to use by coaches, trainers and managers


many in-built motivational features


inspirational and motivational


easy and fun to use


organised coaching infrastructure


coaching can continue without coach


coaching trackable with optional transparency


good for projects and performance change


rich media access


on board automated system coach


visible return on investment

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